Rob Kardashian to move into sister Khloé’s new home as he ‘seeks help from life coach and therapist to get back on track following stint at wellness centre


Rob Kardashian is said to be in such a ‘dark place’ he’s seeking the help of a therapist and life coach to get back on track following a stint at a wellness centre.

With his weight reportedly soaring to as much as 260lbs, momager Kris Jenner has reportedly put him on a strict deadline to shape up and shed 70lbs ahead of sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West on May 24.

Feeling isolated as he lives alone at his LA condo and passing on the family’s recent annual holiday to Thailand due to fears of having to ‘take his shirt off on camera’, the 27-year-old is reportedly set
to move into sister Khloé’s new Calabasas mansion, according to Us Weekly

‘Living alone isolated him,’ a source confirms to the publication. ‘Rob needs to be around people who love him.’


The tight-knit siblings previously lived together at the 29-year-old’s marital home with then-husband Lamar Odom, however, Rob moved out last year as he felt the environment was counterproductive
to his quest to lose weight.


With the statuesque blonde having recently purchased Justin Bieber’s former abode in gated community The Oaks, just doors away from sister Kourtney’s new house, it seems like the perfect solution for her brother to join her in the sprawling seven-bedroom 10,000 sq ft property.


Rob and Khloé have always maintained a supportive and close relationship, with the publication stating that fellow sisters Kim and Kourtney are ‘sympathetic’ while mom Kris ‘calls him all day’, noting that they’re all ‘deeply concerned’.


Adding to their worry is the troubling message the sock designer tweeted on April 1.



‘No one will ever understand how much it hurts,’ he wrote, before quickly deleting the tweet.


He later joked about substituting cocaine for sugar, though he insisted it was an April Fool’s gag.


As his family lived it up in tropical Thailand just last week, which was captured by the cameras for their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the youngest Kardashian was reportedly receiving treatment for depression.



‘Rob is at a wellness centre, dealing with his depression,’ Star magazine reports. ‘He’s so depressed that he just wants to be alone, which is why he didn’t go to Thailand – he didn’t want to be around
his family.’


According to the publication, the star feels like he’s letting his famous family down, which isn’t helped by the alleged verbal abuse he’s received from Kris and Kim, who have been ‘constantly berating him because he is the only unmarketable one in the family’.


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