Gay bank worker kills wife and burnt her body in garden incinerator after marrying her to hide his sexuality


Varkha Rani Wedding Picture

A bank worker who married to conceal his homosexuality strangled his wife a few months later with a metal vacuum pipe, a court heard yesterday.

Jasvir Ram Ginday throttled Varkha Rani and tried to destroy her remains in an incinerator after going through with the arranged marriage to please his parents.

The couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in India last March – even though Ginday, 30, had confided in a friend years earlier that he was attracted to men, the jury were told.

The defendant had travelled to  the subcontinent with his mother to find a bride and met several women before a match-maker known to both families introduced him to Miss Rani.

Prosecutor Debbie Gould told a jury the couple became engaged ‘at the end of a meeting which lasted several hours’, with Miss Rani’s family believing Ginday to be ‘a perfect match for their intelligent, well-educated, and attractive young daughter’.

The bride, who had completed a degree and a master’s degree in science and information technology in India, moved to the UK to live with Ginday in August after being granted a visa.

But just a month later, police discovered the unrecognisable remains of the 24-year-old bride in the back garden of the home they shared with other members of Ginday’s family.



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