Oscar Pistorius Surprising Reaction As Court Is Accidentally Shown Pictures Of Dead Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius threw up in the dock yesterday after horrific images of his girlfriend’s blood-splattered body were accidentally shown in court.

Gasps filled the courtroom when close-up pictures were displayed on a screen on two occasions while the operator was scrolling through trying to find other images.

They showed Reeva Steenkamp’s skull, body and bullet wounds after she was shot dead by the Paralympian at his home.

Pistorius began violently retching and sobbing at the sight of the model’s corpse before being handed a green bucket which he vomited into repeatedly.



After composing himself, the athlete questioned why the images were being shown and turned off the computer screen in front of him to avoid seeing any more.

His sister Aimee, who was also crying, left her seat in the public gallery to comfort him in the dock.

Desi Myers, the mother of Reeva Steenkamp’s room-mate Gina Myers had earlier left the court in tears when pictures of Pistorius’s blood-covered bathroom were shown.



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