What’s going on in Ukraine? Video shows graphic footage of protesters beating up police

What started as a peaceful protest has now become a violent clash as citizens of Ukraine rally against new protest laws.

The BBC report

Clashes have taken place after large crowds of pro-EU demonstrators rallied in Ukraine’s capital Kiev against new laws restricting public protests.Stun grenades and flares were thrown as protesters tried to reach parliament, their way blocked by police and buses.Opposition politician Vitali Klitschko later said President Viktor Yanukovych had agreed to set up a cross-party commission to resolve the crisis. The new legislation was passed with a quick show of hands on Thursday by MPs loyal to the president, who then signed it into law.

Sunday’s rally in Kiev, attended by tens of thousands, heard calls from opposition politicians to disregard the new laws curbing protests that pro-EU demonstrators have been staging for the past two months.Clashes erupted as some people headed away from the main square towards parliament, to vent their anger over the new laws. They ran into police cordons near Kiev’s Dynamo football stadium, some 300 metres from Independence Square. They pelted police with flares, thunder flashes and petrol bombs, the BBC’s Daniel Sandford in Kiev reports.

Check out the video below


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