Photos of Robin Thicke caught kissing girl in Paris emerge online

NecoleBitchie reports on the Blurred Lines singer getting a little too cosy with a girl in Paris over last weekend. You may recall when last year the star embarrassingly got caught grabbing a girls bum in what seemed to be a wholly innocent photo.

Check out the story and photos below!

Robin Thicke, who claims he has ‘the most functional, dysfunctional marriage in Hollywood’  found this out (What happens in Paris doesnt stay in Paris) over the weekend, after flicks of him snuggling up with a curly-haired French chick leaked onto the Internet.  In the photos,  Robin is dancing and having fun with the pretty girl and her friends, and in others, there are clearly some blurred lines going on. This is the second time Robin has been spotted in a public place in a compromising position with a chick!

In an interview with The Breakfast Club last year, when asked if his wife gets jealous when she sees random groupies come up to him, he responded:

We both get jealous because we are madly in love. The day we stop getting jealous, you’re not in love anymore.




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