Naomi Campbell writes heartwarming letter to Kate Moss for her 40th Birthday

Yesterday Kate Moss turned 40. To celebrate, Naomi Campbell wrote  in The Evening Standard about their 25–year friendship, check out excerpts from the beautiful letter below!

On how they met

I first met Kate Moss in Los Angeles in 1992. She was 15, I was 18. It was a brief meeting but I remember her being strikingly quiet, she hardly spoke. She can be very shy at times — if she doesn’t know you she doesn’t speak. The other striking thing, obviously, was her beautiful face. I knew she was special from that first minute I saw her.

Some months later in 1993 we were both working in Madrid and that’s when I kidnapped her. I said: “You can’t be here on your own! You’re coming with me.” That was the start of a long friendship.

Back then we were young, so young. We were on the road a lot, travelling the world, working. Shoots would go on for hours and hours. You might be doing them back to back — day and night. We were often in the same places, so we came together, protected each other and it quickly became a lot of fun.

On what Kate is really like…

What’s Kate like? Well, she’s honest, loyal and straightforward. There’s no bullshit. She’s not pretentious in any way. What you see is what you get. I love that about her. After all, we’re both from south London — I’m from Streatham, she’s from Croydon — and from working-class families. She’s never tried to be anything else and nor have I. We know our roots.

On their friendship over the years

Kate and I were a backbone of support for each other. We’d meet after work for dinner, we’d go out. We talked about boys, as girls do, and the boys we’d met. Once we were with a person we’d still see each other. If her birthday was in LA, I’d go there. If mine was in New York, she’d come from wherever she was. We’d make an effort to be around for Christmas, birthdays, summer holidays. If I was doing a fashion show and she wasn’t in it, she’d still come and watch.

We were very spontaneous, never pre-planned. We lived life, enjoyed life everywhere we went. It was fun. We were professional models but we were also growing up. We started so young, we were still having our teenage years.

Its lovely to see sisterly support from the two mega-stars, check out the full article here


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