18 year old becomes Britain’s youngest ever barrister!

Gabrielle Turnquest is the youngest person in the history of the English legal system to be admitted to the bar!
Gabrielle Turnquest
By the time she was 12 this intelligent young lady was eons ahead of her classmates, beginning her first degree at just 14 years old! She went on to study at The University of Law with her 22 year old sister, with most students being in the mid 20s and older.
The Guardian reports that her mother, a lawyer originally from Bahamas developed her own educational plan after seeing that  the school system wasn’t challenging enough for her bright kids. She spent several months researching curriculums from around the world, looking at which countries were doing best in which subjects and why. After all of her research she then turned all that into her own educational plan, rented space in her office building, hired teachers and enrolled her children on to a programme she named Excelsior Academy, even making a school uniform from them!
Congratulations Gabrielle Turnquest, you are truly an inspiration!
Source: The Guardian Photograph: Neil Hall/The University of Law

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