Sorry Kanye! Drake annouces show deal with Nike and Team Jordan

Kanye has made his fustrations with the fashion Industry no secret in his recent interviews. Despite a previous deal with Nike the outspoken rapper vented his anger at the sportswear in recent sit down at the Juan Epstein Show, stating that “Nike marginalized me, they only let me designed two silhouettes.”

The multinational corporation may not want Kanye bt they certainly want Drake! During his tour stop in Portland, Oregon  Drake  announced his latest business venture in front of his fans

“Today happens to be one of the best days of my life, So today I came to Portland and officially became inducted into the Team Jordan family”

Jordan, who has owned a division for Nike since the creation of Air Jordans in ’85, welcomed the Toronto native to the business via twitter

He’s home! Welcome the new memeber of #TeamJordan, Drake!

Congratulations Drake! and to Kanye too who signed a deal with Adidas, Whose sneakers do you think will sell more??!!


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