She’s a Believer ! Jessie J Finds God in New Single ‘Thunder’

Jessie J has spoken out about how much her Christian faith affected her new album, so much so that she dedicates her latest single ‘Thunder’ to the man upstairs.

Jessie tells The Mirror, ‘Thunder is a dedication to God. That’s why in the video I’m levitating – that feeling of being lifted to the light.

“I remember I prayed a lot when I worked on this album and it’s not something I’ve ever spoken about openly.

“But I’m just more confident and feel more comfortable to be open about my beliefs and feelings on the world now. I thank God every day for my blessings and my talent.”

The British star revealed that she has been teetotal for more than a year! Although she doesn’t attend church as much as she would like due to her schedule.

She also added,”I’ve very much enjoyed bringing my beliefs onto the album. I think it’s important that whatever your beliefs are you use them in your day-to-day life.

‘Thunder’ is the third single from the star’s Alive album and follows previous top five hits ‘Wild’ and ‘It’s My Party’

Check out the new single below;

Source: Digital Spy


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