Travel Tuesdays – ‘Dubai’s ‘Burj al Arab Hotel ‘

We have a new habit here at WP London, Travel Tuesdays! We want to share our travel experiences, show you where we aspire to go and of course bring you the hottest places to eat, drink and explore around the world. In a nutshell we want YOU to be an international citizen! So strap on your seat belt, turn that iPhone to flight mode and try not to tut to loudly at the mother with the screaming baby!

Dessert in Dubai

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

First up on Travel Tuesdays is Dubai, not just Dubai but the seven star hotel that you can find only in Dubai. Priced at over £1000/ night on a good day The Burj al arab definitely  comes under places we aspire to go! With a restaurant aquarium the size of a grand Mayfair apartment, gold plated Ipads for guests and roof terrace tennis court, the Burj al Arab provides us with some mid-week motivation to reach for stars!

Luxurious suites can be priced as high as £10,000/ night, yes you did read that correctly £10,000 a night! However, you can escape the hefty nightly price tag by booking lunch or dinner at one of the many eateries onsite! The beach-based Majlis Al Bahar allows you to dine whilst enjoying the impressive exterior. You can then wander in to the Skyview Bar and gawk at the panoramic views of the city.


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